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Do you own a family business?


The main characteristic of family businesses, inherited through generations, is the fact that they are strongly based on tradition, and have a way of operating which is normally influenced significantly by the person who started the business. We know how hard it can be to work with your sibling, father, wife or son. This is why in Bazla, we rely on our expertise in the business law sector, as well as on our proffessional history in individual counselling, to offer the best customized solutions.


  • Trading advice directed to family businesses
  • Taxation advice directed to family businesses
  • Family corporate structure optimization
  • Estate and real estate counselling
  • Account, tax and legal management

Family relationships


In Bazla we like working in the way that we know that leads to the best outcomes, rather than following the usual procedures. We, therefore, do not work uniquely with Law itself, but rather present everyday life situations and work with the legal matters that may arise.


  • Couple relationships (marriage, domestic partnership, divorce, legal separations)
  • Sibling/ children/ parents relationships (inheritance, payment claims, alimony, cyberbullying, estate management, loans, mortgage, family mediation)
Bazla Tax&Legal, tu partner legal para tu vida profesional y personal. Somos un equipo de abogados y economistas que prestamos servicios de asesoramiento legal, societario y contractual a Pymes, empresas y particulares. (Fiscal, Mercantil, Laboral Civil y Penal-Económico)

Express divorce

Legal/notarial divorce

Mutual agreement


    • Pre-nuptial agreements
    • Notarial formalization of civil marriage
    • Formalization of domestic partnerships
    • Counselling for marriages among non-nationals residents in Spain

    • Examination of personal situation
    • Counselling and negotiation of control agreements
    • Legal procedures of separation and divorce
    • Mediation

    • Family protocol
    • Estate management
    • Inheritance planning
    • Tax planning

    • Individual study of every inheritance case
    • Negotiation between legal heirs
    • Formulation of an inventory
    • Distribution and awarding of inheritance


Civil law

We provide a full legal counselling to any situation in which an individual may find him or herself, in order to find a customized solution for each client.


Our team includes specialists in the field, who are members of the Family attorneys association of Catalonia and Spain, with vast experience also in international law. Our project pursues the mutual agreement to come to the best solution. Should the procedures be found insufficient to attain this outcome, our trained specialists shall work to settle the conflict through legal procedures.


It is of great importance to acknowledge the tax impact when accepting and inheritance. For this purpose, in addition to our experts on estate and inheritance taxation planning, our team includes inheritance law experts, who can guarantee the best defence in legal proedures among inheritors, legal claims, married or unmarried legal partners rights in testate and intestate succession, … Moreover, our extensive knowledge in international and Foral communities law reinforces our expertise in the field.

Family Business

It is frequent in family business for differences, legal disputes and controvesrial situations to occur, which may disrupt the business proper functioning. To work on this, Bazla’s personalized team, comprised of trade, labour, family and tax law experts, will analyse every specific case, and advise on the various ways to solve the conflict. We have saved and boosted many family businesses who thought it impossible.